Edison; A Life of Invention – Paul Israel

Thomas Alva Edison was a prolific inventor and an iconic American figure. I only wished I had chosen a different biography of the man. The book wasn’t bad necessarily, it was just… well read my review.

Edison: A Life of InventionEdison: A Life of Invention by Paul Israel
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was a major chore for me and I’m technically inclined. The first half was like eating a box of saltines it was so dry, however, it did become more reader friendly as it progressed. Israel is extremely detailed technically in this account of the life of Edison, too much so I believe. Unless you are schooled in electrical engineering, you would probably agree with me.

Thomas A. Edison was a model of persistence which resulted in his becoming an American icon respected around the world, but he did have some undesirable traits such as his being self-centered, jealousy of others getting any credit and the poor treatment of his children by his first wife. He was indeed a true capitalist and prolific entrepreneur.

I’m glad I finally finished this one.

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